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Lost Post, The

// | 26 December, 2004 09:25


long time, no thats coz, im workin now machas! signed on with DIS i.e Dell International Services as a Sales Rep, under-going training these days. After a lot of scalp-massaging.. rather random scratchin, i came up with fodder for this sudden post. Its 3.30 in the morning, just had a cracker of a Diwali with pals[thx CrackedNut, Jasz :)], there's no Net at home as im typing this, a reason for one of the subjects of this post; plus ive got some time to kill before saher. So, what am i talkin about? Beats me.. just read on biatch!!

First off, HAPPY DIWALI n EID MUBARAK to all those who read this n also to those unlucky ones who didnt[F*** You!]. Time n again, i reach this miserable stage where there's no other option than to update my blog. So, i hark back to my most trusted source of entertainment i.e MOVIES :D *ahem* so, here's some blabber about the last few ive seen. Aaah, i do know what im talkin about.. finally! Also, would like to point out that ive increased my movie collection by a sizable amount after scoring about 30 movies over the past coupla weeks. But, havent seen them all.. no time yaar! The ones i did see in the last few days n remember them still are: Fahrenheit 911, Cidade De Deus[City Of God], Satya, Ab Tak Chappan and Die Hard. Out of these, only 911 was in the theater. here we go:

Fahrenheit 911: Coming with a lot of baggage, mostly praise n the Best Film Award at the Cannes Film Festival. Also, a lot of controversy over the facts presented and the way they were presented in the movie. Went for the movie expecting a good old biased Michael Moore outlook at Dubya n his administration, got more than i'd asked for. Yes, the fatso is obsessed with the fact that Dubya is perhaps the most inefficient guy to grace the White House n also that his administration is sub-standard. I agree with MM on that but, this is where he falters as a documentary maker. He is not interested in raising a debate based on pure reasoning, as in presenting facts from parallel points of view. All he wants is to coerce the audience into not only empathising with his point of view but also accepting it as the right one. Plus, he plays on the emotions of his audience a bit too much. I dun like to see stories being given out in the reviews[topic for the next update :D] n so wont be giving any details here. i'd rate the movie 4/5.. if only MM cared for the other side of the coin too. Last word: the fact that Bush jr. got re-elected is beyond a shock after uve seen 911.. makes you wonder how stoopid Americans can be *tch tch*


Cats In The Cradle

// | 10 October, 2004 21:21

Before my next intellectually stimulating update[?], this is a stop-over intended to provide an emotional stimulation which will tickle the heartstrings of whoever reads it. I first heard the song Cats In the Cradle played by Ugly Kid Joe on some random collection of rock ballads. As a band, UKJ was one of those whose prerogative was making some fresh, have-fun music often with genuinely humorous content. Expecting a emotional ballad from them was quite unexpected. Let me make it clear that at this moment i didnt have any idea about the complete lyrics of the song. Then, one fine day when boredom reached its peak[just as it has when im writing this!], i started to search for lyrics for some songs. I chanced upon the lyrics to this song and was blown away by their simplicity and depth. Here, they are:

My child arrived just the other day
Came into the world the usual way
But there were planes to catch n bills to pay
He learned to walk while i was away
And he was talkin 'fore i knew n as he grew
He said: im gonna be like u, dad
You know im gonna be like you

And the cats in the cradle n the silver spoon
little boy blue n the man on the moon
when u comin home? Son, i dont know when
we'll get together then, you know we'll have a good time then

My son turned 10 just the other day
he said thanks for the ball dad, c'mon lets play
could u teach me to throw? i said not today
ive got a lot to do, he said thats ok
n he walked away but his smile never dimmed
he said, you know im gonna be like him yea
you know im gonne be like him


n he came from college just the other day
so much like a man, i just had to say
im proud of u, could u sit for a while
he shook his head n instead gave a smile
what i'd really like dad is to borrow the car keys
see u later, can i have them please?


ive long since retired, my son's moved away
i called him up just the other day
i'd like to see u if u dont mind
i'd love to dad if i could find the time
you see my new job's a hassle n the kids have the flu
but its sure nice talkin to u dad
its been sure nice talkin to you


hmmm.. the last 3 lines still freak me out whenever i hear the song. Now, what struck me was that such profoundity n that too from UKJ? so, after a little googling, i came up with the true brains behind the song. Its originally by a singer from the 70's called Harry Chapin n the lyrics were based on a poem written by his wife. Also d/l the original track n its pretty much the same as the UKJ cover, remove the distorted guitars n add a piano with a string section. Thats it folks, drop in for some more gyaan in a short time..


Tauba Tauba Tauba!

// | 05 October, 2004 10:50

no, im not repenting for me sins.. last post got ONE reply!! Hallelujah for the tender mercies. anyway, moving on with my excesses, here's the next 2 movies: but, before that let me profusely thank a friend of mine for talking me into watchin these along with him for the sheer reason that he might not make it through alone! so, we went to Anand on a friday morning to catch the first-day-first-show of Tauba Tauba! 

Going by the tag-line of the movie, which was kinda well-advertised, "15 year old boy, 25 year old girl"; we're not looking at something ground-breaking. looked like a loser, raunchy, low-budget, badly-acted, poorly-directed, front-benchers-only kind. the big question was "would it deliver?" well, judging by the exulted screams, shouts, laser-shows n laffter erupting from all around us poor buggers, it was well worth it. One things for sure, gone are the days of old fat-bodies enacting out the sexy lass in such kinda movies. we have 2 models, one of them a known face baring it all. also, a saas-bahu girl doing an item number..hmmm, interesting. The story? yes, there is a lil story too. A school boy, the progeny of a millionaire is back home for his vacations. he is horny, as expected, so's his dad! played by Ayub Khan[the lusar in Dil Chahta Hai], this is what lack of work does to an actor. sheeesh. anyway, the kid's conned by his greedy manager, played by some idiot. n the rest of the movie is how the kid gets his revenge/money, with a lil' help from the kind-hearted, barely dressed lady; by way of Big Fat Liar/ Home Alone. Along the way, we get to see an over-dose of skin, quite a few smooches and stuff the front-benchers would die for. i just couldnt imagine the stuff the cleaners have to pick up! again, the big Q, does it deliver? it does, to some extent. i mean, the target audience would definitely soak this up n demand more. it has a story which allows for the ultimate male-fantasy of a hot/inviting neighbour, a twist before the interval, item songs, a comedy track and dialogues which will make Javed Akhtar froth in delirium. Where else would u hear an exclamation like "sex hua, vo maragayi!" or "ye to sexual murder ka case lagta hai!" or the entire "ek baap ko apne jawan bache ka khayal rakhna chahiye, khaas kar is umr me" recited by Payal Rohtagi wearing a dress much smaller her size. Hence, morals are also given a chance here making it a complete movie. so, was the movie a successful endeavour by the makers? well, the audience seem to think so. hell, even me had some fun, atleast the one-liners from the audience were funny. plus, we're also enlightened to a new acroynym U.S.A - Ultra Sexy Aunty, which is said by the kid to his teacher in the movie.. aah, well, in some places.. anything goes ;)

The next movie, which we were forced to witness that same evening was Shaque. Now, this one had the makings of a true innovator; the tag-line going something like "He creates magic before killing". If that aint uber-cool, then what is?!?! Boasting of an all star cast of nobodys except for Mushtaq Khan[u know him??] n PREM CHOPRA[one of my favs.. *sigh*]. This one too has EVERYTHING that the ppl who were ultimately going to watch it would want. us? no, we're outta the Q. Concerns a group of college students and a serial killer amongst them. The plot's so convoluted, it'll be hazard if i try to reproduce the same here. Suffice to say, all of it is duly/whole-heartedly explained off in the end. Now, we had an extremely enthusiastic debut by the hero who does everything Hrithik did in his debut vehicle.. he dances, he kicksass, he does comedy/emotion/romance/dialogue-heavy fundu stuff with all the earnestness of a monkey. the highlight of the movie is a sequence which lasted 5 mins. starts of with the bickering of the usual man vs. woman, gets a bit philosophical n religious with Ram/Sita coming into the picture, then becomes goofy with our hero taking his shirt off n daring the heroine to do the same, then.. Dhadang Dhadang Dhadang, she disrobes n the boobies pop-out on the screen for a full 2 seconds! followed by stunned silence in the theater, which i admit im still tryin to make out - was it because of the debate going on? or coz she disrobed?  well, still want more? sorry, was too dazed to remember what happened afterwards. again, cool dialogues pop-out with the frequency of dead bodies in Kill Bill 1. "Duniya bahot buri jagah hai" is the takiya-kalam of our well meaning Cop, the title "Shaque" must've been repeated arnd 2 dozen times. All said n done, another movie experience of its kind. Didnt have as much fun as, Tauba Tauba.. must've been missing the audience from the morning. arey, almost forgot.. it also features one of the most atrociously funny things ive seen on film in quite a while. The killer n his mudus operandi!! that was the high-light of the movie, waitasec, havent i already mentioned that? well, as i said earlier, anything goes! so, the MO involves putting on gloves, taking a needle which is dripping with Cyanide ofkorz, making a catapult with a rubber-band n ur fingers, sticking the needle in this catapult, aiming it at ur target n shooting with deadly precision. i mean, in all fairness u dun get to see this kind of originality in mainstream movies. its pathetic attempt at being a terrifying ordeal during the scene where the killer chases his fat target with his hands holding the mechanism is sooooooo fuckin funny, my stomach still hurts.

lesson learned : watch more B movies..

The Village/King Of Bollywood

// | 04 October, 2004 08:36

aaah.. Le faithfuls who never read my blog, here's another update. why? o why do i even bother! anyway, there's not Net at home n ive got some free time on hand so here goes: This is about the 5 movies i watched in the past week, a sort-of mini-review of each plus a lil' gyaan me wants to share[but, with whom?]. Anywayzzzz:

The first movie was Manoj Shyamalan's "The Village". Some ppl get better at their craft as they go along and some ppl regress, unable to fully comprehend the expectation that their earlier work has generated. MS belongs to the latter as almost everyone who's seen his 4 movies will tell you. The Sixth Sense n Unbreakable with all their cheesy moments/pace/flaws were ok movies 'til the surprise endings redeemed them from being an unworthy affair. Signs with all its hype and interesting enough concept was a KLPD with the ending which left people laffing instead of quivering. So, the expectations from Village were rather mixed esp. for me who'd gotten both positive/negative reviews from ppl who'd seen it. The movie is all MS as far as the sylistic element goes with eerie look with beautiful cinematography, good acting chiefly by Adrian Brody[awesome!], Phoenix n newcomer Bryce Dallas Howard, interesting concept-wise again BUT the director falters big time. the biggest flaw was the usual twist in the end which becomes blindingly clear much before it happens; many of the big names were under-used esp. Sigourney Weaver, the score was a let-down and the script had a few loose-ends besides any real scary moments. better luck next time Mr.Shyamalan!

Second on my list was the expected-to-be-laffriot King Of Bollywood. The story of an ageing ex-screen icon who wants to make one last comeback rather than fade away with grace and the firang woman who wants to make a documentary on this legendary persona. Something vaguley similar was tried by Nagesh Kukunoor with limited success as Bollywood Calling. This one neither has the charm nor the humour to go further. An attempt to take pot-shots at everything filmy or related to it, even the press, ultimately leads to a dragging bore of a movie saved only in places by a decked-up, completely in character Om Puri. But, even the man cannot save this disaster, neither can Sophie Dahl with a radiance and school-girl like fascination with the land of Bollywood. Most of the characters are caricatures of someone or the other. The pot-shots start getting ridiculous and by the end, the movie ends up being a joke of itself. Expected better than this from Deepa Gahlot, the reviewer who shreds up every movie in DC/; she is the co-writer of the movie.

the next 2 movies made my day in ways i cannot tell you. they got me thinking, about the kind of cinema that we're being fed. rather, the quality that makes B-movies a better bet than most of the commercial stuff out there. wait for the next posts.. who am i telling this to anyway?? baaaaah.. Just W A I T !     

Operation Mindcrime

// | 27 September, 2004 12:04

I admire the persistent FH team who keep sending me reminders stating the fact that my blog is read n appreciated by so many ppl. i mean, really? WOW! *ahem* so anyway, i thought of a novel way to continue updating it. since, we all know how pathetic i am in writing stories[replies to my earlier posts will tell u], im gonna be posting reviews of my favourite music/movies n TRY to be a lil' regular in that. For now, here is a review i had written for my pal's site:

Queensryche , although were initially thought to be one of the many pop-metal bands that dominated the metal scene(commercially) in the 80's, constructed a genre of metal tinged with the progressive element of bands like Floyd and Queen all the while keeping the 'metal' element intact. The band was formed in 1981 and released a few unnoticed albums. The progressive element in the band's music started to show on the 'Rage For Order' album which was released prior to this one. But the culmination of the band's efforts and the realization of the "ultimate concept album" is 'Operation: Mindcrime'. There's just no other way to describe it.
When I first got this album, I wasn't the least impressed. Being an illiterate metal-head at the time, I only wanted to hear stuff which was fast, loud and brutal! Now, when I listen to this album, I laugh at myself as I realize what I missed. This is pure creative genius. A testament to the talent of the band that they managed to pull off this ambitious work. I just don't know how to go about this review. This is not your average song-by-song, dissection that I'm used to. This is a complex tale of deception, corruption, exploitation, a tragic love story, sad ending woven beautifully into well constructed musical strains. I figured the best way to do justification to the review is to go with the story as the band did.                      
First let me introduce you to the characters that are involved here; Nikki, Dr.X, Sister Mary & Father William. The story begins with our central character Nikki who is under observation in a mental hospital for many murders awaiting trial. He begins to remember his past and the things that led to his present situation in the hospital. 'I Remember Now' is just dialogue as he starts to obviously remember. 'Anarchy-X' is a small instrumental which leads to the first real song, 'Revolution Calling'. Nikki retraces his past when he was a fortune hunter, sick of the immoral society, corrupt politicians, power hungry rich, media disillusionment, greedy religious leaders, etc. At this time, he heard a certain Dr. X speak at a political rally. He meets Dr. X and is brainwashed into believing that he can do a world of good by killing people who are supposedly corrupt. Dr. X now controls Nikki through his drug addiction. 'Operation : Mindcrime' is the evil game that Dr. X is playing with Nikki as the central pawn. Under the illusion that he is doing the right thing, Nikki proceeds to execute the people who he is ordered to by Dr. X . 'Speak' continues his torment as he is now firmly under the doc's control. 'Spreading the Disease' introduces us to Mary, the young street-walker prostitute who is now a nun, saved by Father William. The Priest, as a price for getting her into the convent takes her as a sacrifice on the altar once a week. Mary is the secret love of Nikki. 'The Mission' continues the story as Nikki does his work and waits for the night when Mary comes to him as his only solace. Then comes the 10 minute plus 'Suite Sister Mary'. Nikki is asked to murder the Priest and Mary. So, he comes to the church and kills Father William but is hesitant to kill Mary. The song is a duet where the character of Mary is sung by Pamela Moore. Not wanting to harm his love, Nikki instead tries to kill Dr. X. 'The Needle Lies' is where after attempting to kill the doctor, he runs away. 'Electric Requiem' is where he finds Mary dead. 'Breaking the Silence' is where he goes on the run from the law and Dr. X but is eventually caught. 'I Don't Believe in Love' is where he gets caught and is mourning his loss by trying to think that she never was real. 'Waiting For 22' is another small instrumental. 'My Empty Room' is also a miss-you track. The last song on the album is 'Eyes of a Stranger' where Nikki looks into a mirror and cant recognize the person he has become. The album ends with the words "I remember now", taking us to the start as the flashback is over.

Now, coming to the music. The songs are basically either strict rockers with some pace like, 'Speak', 'Spreading the Disease', 'The Needle Lies'; or slower, emotional stuff like 'The Mission' or anthemic rockers like the title track, 'Eyes of a Stranger' and the smaller instrumentals. 'Suite Sister Mary' is an ambitious musical work by the band with orchestrations and choir conducted by Michael Kamen. Geoff Tate is a vocal god as his range and singing on the album is a delight, he also plays the keyboards. Chris DeGarmo and Eddie Jackson are excellent on guitars with beautiful solos all through the album. Michael Wilton is perfect on bass and provides an excellent rhythm section with Scott Rockenfield who's great behind the drum-kit and also plays keyboards on one track.
The band is extremely tight in the playing, songwriting and the lyrics are excellent too. The entire album is a creative endeavor and belongs in every metal collection. Though Queensryche did release some good work after this, it never really comes close to this peak as the standards were set too high for even them to duplicate this achievement. The best concept album ever made, and a strong contender for the best metal album of all time!

The Day After

// | 30 July, 2004 22:21

Haan.. to where were we?? oh yes, the next morning the 2 buggers woke up earlier than me as was expected and as i had warned them about consequences if i was woken up before 9, they started to annoy me asap. Finally managed to drag my ass off the bed n into the loo which was smaller than a grave!! Anyway, our plan was to grab some breakfast n leave for Central Mumbai Station from where we had to catch out train back to Hyd. So, went to McDonalds bang opposite the Andheri Station, ate n headed off. Caught the local train from there to Central, 45 minute ride. Got there around 11.45, these mofos wanted to head off to the nearest Planet M, again, for some more cd-shopping! im never gonna go anywhere with these 2 ..sheesh! A 5 minute walk took us there n another hour n some more was almost wasted. Thankfully, i scored a coupla movies i had been looking for namely, "Friday, the 13th" n "Salaam Bombay" esp. the latter which is a really well-made movie [more on tht later!] The billing took a long time for some reason, due to that we were left with just enough time to make a mad dash to the station, find out where our train was n get to the seats!

Made it right on time, got some snacks along to munch, this time we had more space to ourselves with 2 people in the compartment not showing up.. Woo Hoo! Train started n all sorts of people kept coming n going, Tea/Coffee, Tomato Soup, Bangles, Toys, Hijras?!?! [pointed @ D n made him shell out some dough] , n how could i forget our Lunch order! The guy came n asked if we wanted lunch, said Chicken Biryaani was available. In our hunger-panged state, we ordered for it. It arrived in a dabba an hour later and we were left shell-shocked when we saw it. It sure as hell didnt look anything like biryaani, tasted bad and the chicken was all burned.. lesson learned "Never order lunch on a train".

Settled down a little, did some reading.. had taken 3 books with muah, didnt read more than a few pages :) listened to some music, finally decided to lie down for a while n took the upper berth. 3 hours and no sleep later, came down n it was dinner-time. Ordered Egg Biryaani this time, hoping against hope of getting some edible. When it came, this time in hot-pots[cool :)] hopes were definitely raised, alas to no avail.. same crap, only with eggs instead of chicken.. Grrrrrrr. lesson learned "Never order anything in a train!" Ate it nonetheless, hate to waste food u see, saala pet me gadbad hogayi!

It was a sloooooow journey with muah going back up but still getting absolutely no sleep! The whole night went off with me just trying to doze off but succeeded in just getting cramps all over. Got down at 5, freshened up as everyone was waking up. Woke up D n V, watched them struggle into consciousness. Rolled into Begumpet station around 5.30, me n V got off there, D had to get off at Nampally. Once again, mobbed by the autowallas who were over-enthusiastic to take me home!

Was anticipating some tourist-treatment but i guess the guy recognised muah as a local :D Reached home at 5.45 to a sleepy house 'cept for dad who had come back from the morning prayers just then. Ran to the loo for some urgently required relief, took a shower n hit the sack for a few hours. PEACE!

3 days of fun n frolic n excitement coming to an exhausted end! The first thing everyone at home asked when i woke up: Itni jaldi kaiku aagaya?? hmpf!


// | 27 July, 2004 22:18

well, since Livri Azazel is underway and has got a few comments :D .. i shall move on with the second edition of my lil' trip, continuing from the "n..."

...we were introduced to the infamous Mumbai metal-head crowd as expected. "Disembodied Corpse" took the stage and took a lil'  too much time tinkering with the instruments n the sound. One thing that should never be done in Mumbai, the patience level is "0". The first comment which came from the crowd was "bajaa re bhadwe! teri Maa ki C@##@" which got adequate response from the band members on stage. Surprising? thats coz they're a local band aur chalta hai. Others would've certainly gotten their arses kicked all the way outta Mumbai! Anyway, the gig was kicked off soon enuff with a hyper-fast rendition of Black Sabbath's Paranoid n the moshing/head-banging was at its furious peak.. some guy got beaten up when he fell down, another guy's shirt got ripped.. n yea, the femmes were always at a safe distance away, mainly coz they're used to this behavioural pattern! Me, V n D moved over to the corner and ultimately went upstairs to have a better/safer view of the goings-on.. heh heh! The band was prolly the worst of the night, the sound they got wasnt good either.. decent musicians, will look out for their stuff..

Up next were "Bhayanak Maut", yep that is a band-name, these guys play most nu-metal covers along with their own music, kinda crowd-pleasing stuff. They were the ones who got the crowd really into the music, at one point their giant of a vocalist jumped into the crowd for some moshing, returning in time to finish off the song they were playing. Timepass band for me, for those who like nu-metal, check them out.. again tight musicianship..

"Demonic Resurrection" took the stage next, apart from being one of the best bands in India now, these guys were also the organisers of the event. They played an all originals set, just one cover on popular demand. Though, im not much into their style of music i.e. Black Metal, these guys blew me away with their solid performance. Their drummer JP deserves a mention here for his butchering on the skins, controlled aggression..treat to watch. local band, so the crowd knew what to expect but we had a great time watching these guys churn out great music throughout. By the time, the guys finished their set it was 11 PM n i was dead tired, having gotten no sleep for a coupla days plus hadnt eaten since the breakfast in Pune in the morning. haalat dheeli hogayi thi yaar, forcing me n V to go lie down on the couch. saala D was wide awake n bugging us to get up n watch the guys play! anyway, they finished off their set to the loudest cheers so far..

"Acrid Semblance" from Delhi took the stage next and were perhaps the most anxiously awaited band of the night. Not many ppl had seen them live and they did not disappoint :) Played a mix of covers/own comps mostly in the melodic Death Metal vein. A very tight band, despite one of the guitarists screwing up his rhythm sound. The shared leads were the highlight along with the keyboard solos from the vocalist. For the crowd, they were the band of the night. Me, was half-asleep by the time they were mid-way their set. Managed to get my ass up n watch them rip thru a couple of covers from Death, Children of Bodom. Good band, will look out for their stuff if n when they come out with it.

"Myndsnare" from Banglore were the last act for the night. This 3-piece thrash metal band is most famous for having a "female" drummer, Yasmeen. She is HOT alright but more than that, she's a very good drummer. Despite being stoned[read: sleepy], i could see all the guys drooling over her.. me was too tired to do anything, just sat on the stairs n stared at everyone! 20 mins n a few songs into their set, i'd had enuff. Caught both these guys, took them out, said "i have to eat something n get some sleep..dont argue with me, im majorly pissed off now". To which, they agreed :))

We left the place at 12.45 .. took an auto n asked him to take us to some place with good food, the bastard too us to Andheri station where we couldnt find anything 'cept a Chinese Food bandi..
so, gorged on some good Fried Rice there, headed off to the motel which was a stone's throw away and straight to bed for some precious Zzzzzzzzz...

All in all, the gig was very enjoyable, the bands were very professional and good musicians.. something, im eager to see in Hyderabad! Which gave me an idea to get a couple of them down here for a gig, the logistics of this im in the midst of compiling but as in any other thing i do, it takes time! so, patience metal-heads n yuppies..

The next morning.... 



travelogue ..

// | 26 July, 2004 15:57

mm.. ok , this is the toughest part.. the beginning.. there are 2 reasons why u[is there anyone really?!?!] see this post.. since im too lazy to write anything more than a few lines at a time, as my status as FH Lord on the dbs will tell u[yes, shameless self-promo], never really bothered to post anything on the blog for which i think i was one of the earliest to sign-up! Not that i didnt think of posting tho, just didnt want it to be another run-of-the-mill rant-all-ye-want thing either.. thats what the dbs are for.. heh heh ;)  so anyways, the reasons being i finally found the muse for this and the bloody dbs arent working *bleh*

this is gonna be a bit long and since i dont want ppl [alt+F4] ing from here, im gonna make it simpler for muah n ya. splitsville the topic at hand into a coupla posts.. see, material will be left for the next entry :D  this concerns my recent 3 day trip out of the city to Pune/Mumbai mainly for the MetalFest conducted on Sunday, 18th July.. n y u may wonder, was this of such significance? ill tell u, my first bloody trip outta Hyd without any relatives hanging around!!
pre-empting time, ppl who wanna tell me "get a life" .. $%@#$ @$$#  @#$$%^$%^ ! *ahem* ill let the gig be the topic for the next entry, the following is the eventful journey to the gig..

left Hyd in true Hydi style.. my partners in crime were D n V[convenient]. scheduled to meet at Nampally stn at 8 PM sharp, i reached at 8.15 n they soon after.. after running around looking for our compartment, got on the train at 8.35 n it started moving at exactly 8.40! probably the only service in India that actually runs on time.. after the usual settling down, started the stoopid guy-talk which saw us munch on the burgers/chicken 65/chips till "V" decided to doze off n boy did he ever.. me n "D" were the only people still awake when it was morning.. timepassed with the cd players n musick! meanwhile, we tried to wake V up by hanging Chicken pieces infront of him, keeping the cold water bottle between his legs, but the idiot was comatose! the 12 hour trip to Pune was slow to say the least.. reached at 9 AM n met up with a friend, hung out his place for a while.. had breakfast, went shopping at Planet M n another musick place.. man, all these guys wanted were cds!!! uggghh.. but, one good thing abt Pune was the weather n the birds.. all we wanted was to become ornithologists and stay there.. where else would u find a guy, girl ratio of 1:3 ?!?! anyway, we had to leave Pune n reach Mumbai, find a motel, freshen up b4 the gig started at 7.30.. took a bus n left Pune around 1.30, went thru the express way which was faster than taking the train n led thru some amazing scenery.. Lonavala, Khandala.. beautiful places.. had we stayed a coupla more days, would've definitely planned a trek there.. *sigh*
reached Mumbai[Dadar] around 4.30.. ran, literally, to the railway station.. what a sight it was.. heh heh.. got the tickets for Andheri n jumped on the train, reached there at 5.. met a coupla locals from there, got a motel n by the time we all had freshened up it was the time for the gig which btw, was at this place called Raspberry Rhinocerous @ the Juhu Hotel.. took an auto n went to the place, which was a mini-adventure in itself.. it was the worst auto/driver we could find in our hour of need..saale ko kuch nahee pata tha.. n the khatara of an auto kept swicthing off every 2 seconds!! anyway, reached the place n bought the entry ticks, 100/- only, got an old Deepthroat [for those who think otherwise, its music by a few Indian underground bands] tape free..

the first band took the stage when we reached at 7.45, n.......

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